Are You a Graduate of the FELTP program? We maintain a network of field epidemiologists in Kenya.

We Participate in Investigating Urgent Public Health Problems Today!

Who We Are

Field Epidemiology Society of Kenya (FESK) is a professional organization that draws its membership from graduates of the Kenya Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Program. It was registered in 2013 and boasts of a pool of highly qualified epidemiologists that have led and responded to various public health emergencies and outbreaks both locally and internationally.

To be a leading network of Epidemiologists in Africa

To build a sustainable network of Epidemiologists in Kenya and the region who can positively contribute to the improvement of Public Health in Africa and Globally

  • The society will give you an opportunity to network with globally renowned and established epidemiologists
  • As a member, you will have access to grants that will enable you carry out research.
  • As a member, you will have an opportunity to mentor and to be mentored by other members within the society and the networks.
  • We have opportunities to participate in local and international public health conferences
  • Continuous professional development opportunities by having a access to a wide range of scientific literature and publications by members
  • Develop and strengthen a sustainable network of field Epidemiologist in Kenya
  • Share and exchange professional experience, information and skills among the members
  • Build a pool of experts of trained epidemiologists who are available to provide professional support to public health in the region.
  • Strengthen linkages and professional network within the FESK alumni
  • Promote professional development of members through occasional training on specific areas of skills gap
  • Provide support at local level to FELTP fellows including practical and technical assistance in a complimentary manner to the training
  • Lobby for recognition of members within the ministries of Health, Livestock and professional associations and boards

What We Do


We have a competent accounting system that helps supervise and audit on-going projects


We design, implement, monitor and evaluate surveillance systems in Kenya public health sector..

Outbreak Management

Respond and investigate to both communicable and Infectious diseases in Kenya

Planned Studies

Works with stakeholders to conduct planned studies in diverse public health areas


Effectively detects, responds to, and prevents outbreaks using the one-health approach.


Provide practical and technical assistance to FELTP fellows to complement FETP training


Strengthen linkages and professional network within the FESK alumni

Risk Analysis

We carry out risk assessment, communication and management of public health emergencies

Our Featured Projects

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