Kenya FELTP presented 15 abstracts at the Kenya Medical Research Institute Annual Scientific Conference which was held in February 2017. Out of 15 abstracts submitted for consideration and 14 were accepted for presentation (12 oral and 2 poster). The abstracts have were submitted by residents undertaking basic, intermediate and advanced epidemiology as shown below.

No Name Level Topic Oral or Poster presentation
1 Elizabeth Oele Intermediate Graduate and Cohort 13 resident Adolescent pregnancies Oral
2 Mwenda Valerian Cohort 13 resident Prostate cancer Oral
3 Kiplagat Anthony Basic Group 11 HEI who test positive Oral
4 Winfred Ngami Intermediate Class 2 IPT for HIV patients Oral
5 Samuel Ndaama Intermediate Class 3 ARV adherence, Muranga Oral
6 Raphael Mwanyamawi Basic Group 6 Helminths in pregnancy Oral
7 Edwin Gudu Intermediate Class 3 Anemia in Busia Poster
8 Mbai Jospaht Advanced Cohort 13 Brucellosis – Makueni Oral
9 Orimbo Erick Advanced Cohort 13 Brucellosis- Migori Oral
10 Ongaki Dominic Intermediate Class 3 ANC visits, Turkana Oral
11 Umoru Ibrae Intermediate Class 2 Impact of free maternal care on maternal/infant outcomes Oral
12 Tiara Lilian Basic Group 11 TB Poster
13 Ikutu Caleb Basic Group 9 Road/traffic injuries in Nandi Oral
14 Roy Katisya Basic Group 6 Pre-eclampsia Oral